Wednesday, August 3, 2011


-          Kosher= food which is allowed
-          Treyfah= food which is NOT allowed
-          All plants are kosher, but not all animals, birds or fish are
-          In Leviticus it says: “There are the animals which you are permitted to eat...anything which has a completely split hoof and chews the cud, this you may eat...”
-          Animals must also be killed in a special manner and have all the blood removed before the meat can be eaten by Jews.
-          Jews may only eat animals and birds that have been killed by the Shechitah
-          This is killing the animals by slitting the throat with a very sharp knife
-          This has been shown to be painless to the animals, as causing pain to living things is against the Jewish law
-          The theory is that the sharp knife cuts the carotid so that the animals loses consciousness before they are able to feel pain
-          All vegetables and fruit and dairy products are kosher
-          Kosher: chicken, sheep, cow, fish with fins, goat
-          Non-kosher: pig, rabbit, camel, eel, most birds
-          Jews who keep kosher kitchens do not eat meat and dairy meals together
-          Separate sets of crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils are used. After eating meat strict Jews will wait several hours before eating dairy.
-          Foods which contain neither meat nor milk, fruit or vegetables may be eaten wit either meat or vegetables

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