Sunday, August 14, 2011

Variants In Judaism

What is a variant?
·         Two or more people or things that have slight differences in opinions. The three major variants or streams are Conservative, Orthodox and Reform (Liberal or Progressive)

Strict regulations in religion
Men and women are separated to pray in synagogue
Believe God wrote the Torah
Synagogues are established by a group of Jews who gather their own funds
Strict with dietary laws
No marriage to people of other religions
Speak Hebrew

Foster practice of traditional Judaism while embracing modernism
Men and women sit together
Believe Jewish laws can be changed
Believe God’s will is made known to humanity through revelation

Less traditional
Allowed to marry people of other religions
Don’t believe the Torah was written by God
Allow a contemporary life
English language used in parts of religious service
Accept people regardless of sexual orientation
Relatively new
Torah can adapt to times

·         Relaxed practice that fits in society- P
·         Individual praying and occasional conversation in service- P
·         Traditional beliefs but addressing contemporary needs- C
·         Men and women sit separately- O
·         Men and women sit together and participate fully in service, prayers and rituals- C/P
·         Women do not practice in all rituals- O
·         English used for service- P
·         Strict dress and dietary law- O
·         Always worship in Hebrew- O
·         Women can lead services and become rabbis- P

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