Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Islam Rituals

Outline how children are welcomed into the Muslim faith?
·         They speak the first words an Islamic newborn should hear-"God is great, there is no God but Allah. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Come to prayer.” (The call to prayer or adhaan)
·         The baby’s first taste should be something sweet e.g. the juice of a date chewed up
·         After seven days the baby’s head it shaved, showing they are a servant of Allah. It is then weighed and that amount is given in silver to the poor.
·         Muslim boys are circumcised (usually seven days after birth, but can be any time before puberty)
What is the Aqeeqah?
Traditionally carried out on the seventh day, where the family sacrifices sheep (sometimes ordered by butchers) and it is shared among relatives, neighbours and the poor.
Outline the basic elements of an Islamic wedding ceremony?
·         The Islamic marriage is revocable. Called “nikah” is Arabic.
·         Mahr is a gift to the bride, a token of the husband’s responsibility and is usually money, objects or property. They exchange gifts.
·         One party accepts the offer or marriage, proposed by the other (mutual agreement). They sign the contract, and then it is publicly announced. There needs to be two witnesses (Aqd-Nikah)
·         Any official Muslims can perform the ceremony. The record is held in the mosque and given to the local government.
·         The marriage is an act of worship.
·         The one performing the ceremony prays for the bride, groom, their families, the local Muslim community, and all Muslims.
·         Prophet Muhammad thinks the simplest weddings are the best
·         After the consummation of the marriage, there is a feast where everyone (relatives, friends, neighbours) are invited regardless of status.

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