Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Quran

1.      What does the word Quran translate to in English?
It translates to the recitation.
2.      What is the purpose of the message sent to Mohammad why was it sent again?
Muhammad said he was a messenger bringing the same message as other prophets except in the Arabic language. Gods own message to the world to remind people of the message already received by the Jews and Christians –Gods guidance for human kind
3.      How is the message sent to Mohammad different to the messages already sent to the Christians and the Jews?
It was in the Arabic language.
4.      Is the message in the Quran the same message as in the Bible?
Yes, the same (Revelation)
5.      Name two other prophets mentioned in the Quran.
Adam and Jesus.
6.      How was the message passed on to others in the beginning?

It was an oral recitation in the beginning.
7.      Why was the original message not written down by Mohammad?
He was not literate.
8.      What language is used for the Quran?
9.      Which city did Islam originate?
 Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
10.  What does ‘Muslim’ mean?
It means submission or to submit to God.
11.  How does the Quran differ from the Bible in the story of the death of Jesus?
The belief Jesus was not crucified but lifted to God in heaven; another man who looked like him was crucified.
12.  What does the Quran say about warfare?
Muslims may defend themselves only when there is a threat. They should be merciful to those they capture – as Muhammad was when he took over Mecca.

NB: Suras: chapters of the Qur'an, there are 114 chapters, each one is shorter than the one before it. They all start with the same verse.
The Qur'an is thought to be the completed message that began with Judiasm and Christianity.

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