Thursday, May 19, 2011

Refugee Activity

1.      What would you pack in your backpack?
I would pack few and light clothes, spare food and water, a pen knife, photos of those I love and my mobile phone.
2.      What would you miss most if you had to leave your home, your school, Australia?
I would miss how I feel integrated into the Australian society; I would feel out of place in Japan. I would miss my friends, the rest of my family, my pets and all of my possessions. I would my old way of life.
3.      What would be some of the problems of living in a detention centre in a foreign country?
You would find it difficult to communicate with others and to make acquaintances. You would be extremely confused as to what was happening around you and your situation.
4.      What would be the biggest challenges for you if you and your family were accepted as refugees?
My biggest challenges would be making a whole new life, no seeing those who I love, and becoming accustomed to the Japanese cultural differences to Australia.
5.      Why is this ‘imagine’ story a very unlikely one?
This is unlikely because Australia is accepting of different religions, and the Australian police do not discriminate against those of a certain culture or relgion.

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