Tuesday, May 10, 2011

United Nations

United Nations
The UN:
- Helps global issues
- Was formed after the 2nd World War (1948) by countries who won
-  Got together to stop World War ever happening again.
“Declaration of Human Rights”
30 Human Rights that protect the dignity of humans
Article 1:
All humans’ beings should be given basic rights, and all humans are of equal value. We should treat each other with kindness.
Article 2:
Everyone, regardless of gender, race, culture or religion is entitled to human rights and discrimination is not to be made on the position or condition of a person’s origin country.
Article 7:
In cases before the law, all humans are equal and entitled to equal protection. All humans are also entitled to defence against infringement of this article.
Article 11:
All humans, under the court of law, are innocent until proved guilty, and provided with adequate defence and a fair outcome of punishment if proven guilty.
Article 15:
Everyone has the right to identify and classify themselves with a nationality and shall be allowed to change the change their nationality.
Article 20:
·         (People have the right to belong to associations and groups, and shall not be forcibly compelled or made to join one.
Article 23:
Everyone has the right to apply for their chosen job and to participate in the workforce, receiving equal pay, to join trade unions and the right to receive support.
Article 25:
Everyone should receive the basic needs of sufficient shelter, food, clothing, medical care and social services e.g. disability, pregnancy etc.
Article 16:
Men and women of the legal age, without discrimination, entered to with full consent of both parties have the right to marry and start a family with protection from their state.

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