Sunday, May 8, 2011

Presentation- Social Justice- Village Space

1.      Suicide in rural Australia
2.      North Arctic
3.      Bangladesh
4.      Kiribati
5.      Cap & Trade
6.      Scotland and Brazil
7.      Climate Change Science

1.      What was the issue about?
The suicide of people in rural areas of Australia
2.      What is causing the issue?
There are several factors: drought and other natural disasters, which in turn, affects a farm or ranches ability to produce crops, which may lead to heavy debt from loans and a lack of income and as a result, suicide, that it is more difficult to receive mental help and support, a lack of reprieve from work as they live at their work, the farm, and stoic masculine attitudes, supported by the stereotype of rural men which discourages them to seek aid.
3.      Who is affected?
Those affected are mainly farmers in rural areas which are in financial and economic strife.
4.      What can be done?
·         Improvements in the accessibility of mental help and support
·         Greater attention to research on the issue
·         Teach and promote signs of distress and despair so that the problem can be addressed
·         Technological support

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