Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Core Beliefs (Judaism)

1)      The term being Jewish can be used to describe a race and a culture rather than a religion, so some who identify themselves as Jewish may have little interest in the beliefs and practices associated with the religion of Judaism
2)      The Jews believe in the teaching of the Jewish bible, The Torah. It is the Old Testament of the Christian bible; there is no second/New Testament or New Bible for the Jews
a.      Why?
The Jews do not believe in Jesus as the son of God, or the Messiah. They believe he was a wise man or prophet, but not the saviour.
b.      What are the first five books of the Torah?
1.       Genesis
2.       Exodus
3.       Leviticus
4.       Numbers
5.       Deuteronomy
3)      In Jewish Law, there are 613 commandments found in the Torah (Written Law). The Talmud (oral law) commentary of ancient rabbi’s that elaborate on how t apply God’s law in everyday life through:
a.      Dietary rules
b.      Dress and other symbols
c.       Prayer and devotion to God
d.      The Temple and Temple rites
e.      Observance of Holy Days
f.        Proper social relations between male and female, in business, judicial ruling etc.
4)      13 main beliefs:
a.      God exists
b.      There is one God
c.       God is eternal
d.      Prayer is to God exclusively
e.       The prophets spoke truth
f.        Moses was the greatest prophet
g.      The written and oral Torah was given to Moses
h.      There will be no other Torah
i.         God will reward the good and punish the bad
j.        The Messiah will come
k.       The dead will be resurrected
5)      The heart of Judaism is in the home and family, social responsibility and doing Mitzvoth (“good deeds” based on God’s commandments). Through education and hard work we make our lives, the lives of others, and the world what God intended it to be- Holy.

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