Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Simpsons: Bible Episode (Old Testament)

1.       Note each story
Genesis: The story of Creation: the story of original sin
Exodus: The story of the Jews being led to freedom
Samuel: King David and Goliath
Revelations: The Apocalypse, we are all judged by God
2.        Main characters
Genesis: Adam, Eve, God, Snake
Exodus: Israelites, Moses (most important prophet in O.T.), Ancient Egyptians
Samuel: Goliath, King David
Revelations: God, Satan
3.       What happened
Genesis: Adam and Eve were the first humans; Eve and Adam were tempted by the snake to taste the forbidden fruit. They were banished from the Garden of Eden, and started the human species
Exodus: The Israelites are enslaved in Egypt, and Moses asks the Pharaoh to let his people be set free. He refuses and God sends the Egyptians 7 plagues (which don’t work). The Egyptians plan to capture them, but they go through the ocean and escape.
Samuel:  After wandering the desert, the Jews have built a nation. The Jews wanted a king- King David comes along.
Revelations: In the apocalypse, we will all be judged and sorted into either heaven, purgatory or hell according to how we have lived our life and whether or not we sin.
4.       Where it appears in the bible
Genesis: First book of the Old Testament
Exodus: Second book of the bible in the Old Testament
Samuel: In the Old Testament
Revelations: Last Book in the bible, New Testament
5.       Why is it important
Genesis: It is important because it shows creation, how humans were first tempted into sin and since all humans have been born a sinner.
Exodus: The Jews are lead from slavery, and lead them to the ‘Promise Land’; it ties into Abraham’s covenant
Samuel: The Star of David is an important Jewish symbol
Revelations: The Judgement Day, end of the world, every human is judged and sorted

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