Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jewish Facts

  1. What language do the Jewish people speak?
They speak Hebrew.
  1. How do the Jewish people read Hebrew?
They read it right to left.
  1. Why is Israel important to the Jewish People?
Because it is the “promise land” given to Abraham from God in the Old Testament.
  1. When was the present state of Israel formed?
In 1948, it declared independence.
  1. What makes it unique in the world?
It was given the Jews as a nation, and piece of land. No colonisation or indigenous people. It is the only Jewish state, surrounded by Arabic nations.
  1. Who is the chosen prophet of Judaism?
  1. What do the Jews believe God thinks of their people?
They believe that they are the ‘chosen people’ who have a special covenant with God.
  1. How do the three main religions differ in their view of Jesus?
The Jews believe that Jesus was a wise man and important prophet but not a Messiah. Islam also believes he was a messenger of God, but that he was not crucified. He, however, is treated with respect. Christians believe Jesus was God’s son and the Messiah sent to redeem humanity.
  1. Why do the Jewish people not celebrate Christmas?
Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus and how he was to save humanity as God’s son- the Jews do not believe he is the Messiah.
  1. What festival do they celebrate instead?
They celebrate Hanukkah
11.  What event is celebrated at this festival and what is the significance of the number 8?
It commemorates the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. It observes the kindling of the lights of a candelabrum, the nine branched Menorah with one candle lit every night. The number eight symbolizes new beginnings and is significant as it was the eighth day was the first day after creation and when the week begun.
12.  What is the name of the sacred text of the Jewish people?
The Torah
  1. How is their text similar to the Christian Bible?
It is similar as their Torah mimics the Old Testament.
  1. How many commandments do the Jewish people have to follow?
  1. What is the name of the leader of a Jewish religion?
  1. What is a Talis?
The Jewish ‘prayer shawl’
17.  What is a Tefilin?
A small leather prayer book bound to the head and arm during prayer.
  1. What is a Kippah?
It is a Jewish ‘skull cap’ worn by males for prayer and special occasions.
  1. What is the word used to describe the food Jewish people can eat?
  1. Where is the only Kosher McDonalds?
Buenos Aires
  1. Why is a Cheese burger not Kosher?
It combines ground beef and cheese (dairy)- which are prohibited


  1. I wish youd focused more on Shabbat, it is very important to me

    1. I will take your constructive criticism, Amelia. Thank you for obsessively stalking my religion blog.

    2. Clearly Jessica you do not appreciate the lack of information available. It was with great regret that I had to turn to your blog in the first place - an insult to not only Judaism, but the human population as a whole. In no way would I bring myself to stalk such an abomination.